Our Authors

Yellowbrick authors write compelling stories about cutting edge technologies & trends, people, products, events, and topic that is valuable to our customers, employees and partners.

Bob Rumsby

Bob joined Yellowbrick Data in 2016 and started developing the product documentation from scratch. He began his high-tech career over 30 years ago, working as an editor for a company on Castro Street, just up the road from the new Yellowbrick office.
Bob grew up about 25 miles south of London and frequently goes back to England to visit his brothers and sister. At home in San Jose, he spends lots of time with his wife and family, but also enjoys watching the Premier League, directing Shakespeare plays, listening to jazz and drinking Scotch whisky.

Christopher Edgar

Christopher Edgar is a Technologist with over 20+ years of experience in the tech industry. He has worked on a variety of groundbreaking projects in several industries including Finance, Real Estate, Post Production, Visual FX, Flash Memory Development, and most recently, the MPP Analytics Database provider, Yellowbrick Data. In his off time, he finds opportunities to give back to the community by mentoring youth through programs like the Scouts BSA program and the FIRST Tech Challenge.
At home, he enjoys performing fire dances with his spouse and loves playing video games with his two children while their three dogs try to sit on his lap all at once.

Gary West

Gary is the Vice President and General Manager EMEA at Yellowbrick. In his 35 years in the software industry, Gary has led, managed, and transformed a number of successful direct and indirect businesses. With successful leadership positions in small, medium, and large organizations, he has demonstrated steep and sustainable growth, regularly achieving over 150 – 200% year over year.
In his free time, Gary enjoys spending time with his two young sons, playing golf when he gets time, and walking his dog around his farm.

Hyoun Park

Hyoun Park is the CEO and Chief Analyst at Amalgam Insights which helps companies to manage IT, analytics, machine learning, and financial software solutions with a focus on mapping the value proposition of software solutions. Throughout his career, Hyoun has focused on bridging practical gaps in data, analytics, machine learning, finance, and collaborative technologies across political, startup business, & enterprise IT environments.
Prior to his analyst career, Hyoun worked in IT departments at Bose and Teradyne, managed billing environments at multiple venture-capital backed telecom startups, and worked on the first fantasy baseball website, the late, great mosey.com

Kevin Petrie

Kevin's passion is to decipher what technology means to business leaders and practitioners. He has invested 25 years in technology, as an industry analyst, writer, instructor, product marketer, and services leader. A frequent public speaker and accomplished writer, Kevin has a decade of experience in data management and analytics.
He launched, built and led a profitable data services team for EMC Pivotal in the Americas and EMEA, implementing data warehouse and data lake platforms for Fortune 2000 enterprises. More recently he ran field training at the data integration software provider Attunity, now part of Qlik.
Kevin has co-authored two books, Streaming Change Data Capture: A Foundation for Modern Data Architectures, OReilly 2018, and Apache Kafka Transaction Data Streaming for Dummies, Wiley 2019. He also serves as data management instructor at eLearningCurve. Kevin has a B.A. from Bowdoin College and MBA from the University of California at Berkeley. A bookworm and outdoor fitness nut, Kevin enjoys kayaking, mountain biking and skiing with his wife and three boys.

Mark Cusack

Mark Cusack is the CTO at Yellowbrick. Mark has worked in the data warehousing and advanced analytics space for the past 20 years. He was a co-founding developer at the data warehouse archiving company RainStor, which was acquired by Teradata in 2014. Mark holds a PhD in computational physics. Mark has worked in academia, government, startups and enterprises over the course of his career.
Mark is a keen runner. He prefers to race the 5K distance, but will also tackle 10K, half-marathons and the occasional full marathon if pushed. He also boxes and skis - although not generally at the same time.

Matt Aslett

Over two decades of experience covering digital technology, with a specific focus on emerging data in operations and analytics technology and processes. Matt leads the expertise in Digital Technology covering applications and technology that improve the readiness and resilience of business and IT operations.
His focus areas of expertise and market coverage include: analytics and data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain, cloud computing, collaborative and conversational computing, extended reality, Internet of Things, mobile computing and robotic automation.

Mike Ferguson

Mike Ferguson is Managing Director of Intelligent Business Strategies Limited. As an independent IT industry analyst and consultant, he specialises in BI / analytics and data management. With over 40 years of IT experience, Mike has consulted for dozens of companies on BI/Analytics, data strategy, technology selection, data architecture, and data management. Mike is also conference chairman of Big Data LDN, the fastest growing data and analytics conference in Europe.
He has spoken at events all over the world and written numerous articles. Formerly he was a principal and co-founder of Codd and Date Europe Limited - the inventors of the Relational Model, a Chief Architect at Teradata on the Teradata DBMS.
He teaches popular master classes in Data Warehouse Modernisation, Big Data Fundamentals, Centralised Data Governance of a Distributed Data Landscape, Building, Creating Data Products in a Data Mesh, Data Lake or Lakehouse for use in Analytics, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics, Real-time Analytics, and Data Virtualisation.

Neil Carson

Neil co-founded Yellowbrick after having held CTO and Chief Architect positions at companies large and small, including Fusion-io, Dell, Everdream and BMC Software. He currently serves as Yellowbrick’s CEO and de-facto chief architect.
Neil is a native of the UK and loves traveling, woodworking and cooking. He has a passion for experiencing different cultures and speaks five languages including fluency in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Nick Cox

Before joining Yellowbrick as Head of Product, Nick ran Product Management at Pure1 for Pure Storage. There he led a number of product and technology teams delivering cloud-based analytics and monitoring for physical and virtual storage appliances. Nick has worked at Palm, HP and Yahoo on a wide range of enterprise and consumer hardware and software products from Semantic Web Ontologies to Operating Systems and mobile handsets.
Nick is a keen builder of increasingly large items, from useful furniture to obscure classic European cars. When stuck he loves to run, with half marathons and multi-day events being his favorite.

Richard Soundy

Richard Soundy worked at Sybase and SAP for 24 years, working in Engineering roles with SAP ASE and SAP IQ. He was with SAP IQ since the original product was purchased by Sybase back in the early 90s and has worked with IQ in Engineering, Marketing, Business Development, and Evangelism.
Richard took early retirement from SAP as the EMEA Director in the SAP Enterprise Systems Group in 2015. Since his retirement, he has been consulting with data warehouse companies and their products, where his knowledge of IQ and the market can be usefully employed.

Torben Mathiasen

Torben has been in the tech industry for more than 30 years and joined Yellowbrick early in 2015 as a software developer. He is currently overseeing software & hardware engineering worldwide as Vice President. During his career, Torben has spent the majority of his time at the lower parts of the stack, leading numerous teams working with kernels, drivers, embedded open-source systems, and the inner workings of networking stacks. Based in Denmark, his career spans many global companies working in the fields of storage, server design, green tech, IT, and databases.
In his spare time, Torben enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, fishing, video gaming, and tinkering with electronics.