451 Research | Top 10 IT trends for 2019

451 Research recently published their annual report, “Top 10 IT trends for 2019.”

This report identifies the following trends for business leaders to be aware of:

  1. 'Cloud native' takes center stage
  2. Successful organizations will be 'data driven'
  3. Focus in digital procurement shifts to optimization
  4. A new 'Age of Automation'
  5. 'Edge' computing becomes more tangible
  6. The context economy begins to flourish
  7. 'WorkOps' emerges to enable intelligent knowledge-based work
  8. Security shifts to a 'zero trust' model
  9. A new silicon gold rush
  10. M&A dynamics shift to outsized exits

Of particular importance, Research 451 notes that: “As the digital opportunity continues to evolve, it will become increasingly necessary to take a broader perspective: true insight will come from examining the way technologies overlap.” To accomplish this, companies will require solutions that enable them to derive value from their data wherever it is located — in the cloud, at the edge, or on-premises.

Learn more about these trends by downloading a copy of the report here.