Announcing Our C1 Round!


November 4, 2021

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We're thrilled to announce our C1 round of funding from three new investors, including institutional investor Citadel Securities, which is also a recent new customer of Yellowbrick. This $75M raise takes the total investment in Yellowbrick to $248M and offers a ringing endorsement of our unique approach to data warehousing.

For those of you who know our technology, you know that Yellowbrick has revolutionized data warehousing several times over, most recently with a fully cloud-native approach. Our cloud-native data warehouse has the performance, scale, and ease-of-use that our customers have come to expect, but with a deployment flexibility that's unparalleled in the industry. This flexibility is rooted in our standards-based approach and allows Yellowbrick to work across disparate storage tiers and leverage the latest generation of cloud infrastructures. We couple that with a unique pricing model that allows businesses to predict exactly what they'll spend on their cloud data warehouse—something that other cloud vendors don't offer.

One of our new investors, Citadel Securities, says that Yellowbrick "leaps ahead of anything on the market" and that they are "thrilled to invest in what will be the new standard in data warehousing and analytics."

Our customers agree. We have an almost unheard of astronomical NPS score and our customers routinely mention our stellar performance and top-notch support in the same breath.

You can read more about our announcement here.

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