Guest Blog

Helping the Non-Technical Executive to Select Analytics Solutions

Analytic investments are one of the most substantial technology investments a company can make, leading to a variety of departments participating in the purchasing process.

16 May 2022

The What, Why, and How of the Distributed Data Cloud

Distributed data cloud is an architectural approach that includes a service-driven data warehouse, a common management framework & an open ecosystem with distributed environments.

09 May 2022

From Sybase to SAP IQ to Yellowbrick: A Technology Journey

Richard Soundy shares his experiences working at Sybase and SAP before joining Yellowbrick as a Technical Advisor.

05 May 2022

The Emergence of the Distributed Data Cloud

Data Warehouse companies today are running applications and storing data in a hybrid computing environment that spans on-premises, one or more clouds and the edge.

02 May 2022

The Distributed Cloud Requires a Distributed Data Platform

Yellowbrick provides a distributed data platform with multiple cloud providers so that the data architecture of the future will need to span multiple cloud. The cloud providers have responded to this need with distributed cloud architecture.

26 Apr 2022