Delivering Analytics-as-a-Service

March 02, 2019whitepapers

Analytics-as-a-service providers face a daunting challenge. On the one hand, tier-1 cloud providers can be cost prohibitive to run 24x7. On the other hand, traditional on-premises solutions aren't up to the task: they are expensive to deploy and maintain, have insufficient resources to support the size of today's data sets and growing number of concurrent users, and cannot provide fast responses to ad hoc queries.

Whether you are looking to deliver analytics-as-a-service internally, to a variety of business groups and users, or a vendor delivering analytics to companies with an industry- or application-specific solution, the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is ideal. Built from the ground up to support demanding analytic workloads, Yellowbrick offers superior functionality, industry-leading price/performance, and a seamless transition from existing solutions. Get your free guide to learn more.