Elevate your analytics with Tableau and Yellowbrick Data

December 18, 2018productwebcasts

Tableau has disrupted business intelligence with software that helps customers see and understand their data. Unfortunately, legacy analytics systems and data warehouses have performance and scalability constraints that can prevent users from taking full advantage of the software. The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse eliminates these constraints, enabling organizations to take their analytics capabilities to a new level. Yellowbrick delivers the following benefits to Tableau environments:

Faster dashboards and ad hoc queries

Customers running Tableau on legacy systems are accustomed to waiting for dashboards to refresh and ad hoc queries to complete. Yellowbrick dramatically shortens time to insight. Dashboards refresh quickly and complex ad hoc queries return instantly, even when bulk data loads are running.

Thousands of concurrent users

In today’s data-driven world, more users than ever can benefit from Tableau, but high infrastructure costs to support concurrent users often limits the number of users organizations allow to use the software. A single Yellowbrick system supports thousands of concurrent users, while replacing racks of legacy hardware.

Real-time time insight through real-time ingest

Yellowbrick delivers real-time ingest at hundreds of thousands of rows per second. This gives Tableau users real-time insight into even data-intensive workloads, such as IoT or OLTP databases to ensure businesses are running agilely and proactively.

Cost-effective petabyte-scale analytics

With Yellowbrick, Tableau users can finally work with data at petabyte scale without adding racks of hardware to their data center. Delivering a petabyte of raw storage in less than a quarter rack of space, Yellowbrick enables organizations to consolidate multiple database instances into a single data warehouse. Analytics are faster, more powerful, and more cost-effective. In fact, customers have reported that process optimizations made possible from a combined Tableau and Yellowbrick solution paid for the solution in months.

Live queries of streaming and historical data

Giving users the ability to query streaming data typically requires expensive, specialized systems like an in-memory database. Yellowbrick enables Tableau users to access data natively, on flash.. This enables users to access live data without worrying about how their work will affect other operations and frees DBAs from hours spent preparing aggregations, rollups, or cubes. This native flash access also enables users to query far more historic data to achieve more holistic insight. For example, business analytics can easily include year-to-year comparisons while customer analytics can include real-time and historical behavior to create a more intimate relationship.


Yellowbrick frees Tableau from the performance and scalability constraints of legacy data warehouses. This enables all users to view and understand all data, at any time — and to do so with a simple, easy-to-manage system that doesn’t break the budget.

“The [Yellowbrick] solution enables us to achieve a 360 degree view of our clientele, allowing us to provide a strategic advantage to tailor meaningful solutions for our clients and analyze preferences and behaviors across millions of data points in real time. Yellowbrick has accelerated our traditional BI tools and is also powering the data needs of our predictive algorithms.” Jonathan Ozark, EVP Chief Strategy and Analytics Officer, Melco Resorts & Entertainment. “

See Yellowbrick Data Warehouse in action with a live Tableau demonstration including:

  • Ingesting 1 million rows per second while querying 16 billion rows!
  • Visualizing large data set
  • Monitoring query performance with the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse intuitive user interface
Yellowbrick Data Video