Expediting Migration and Expansion

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Key Highlights

  • 90-minute installation
  • Fast, safe, secure data migration
  • Seamless integration with existing tools and apps
  • No hidden costs
  • Grows to petabytes of capacity
  • Eliminate painful upgrade with a highly scalable and incremental expand-as-you-grow architecture

Your Yellowbrick Data Warehouse can be production-ready in a day

Today’s unprecedented growth in data and user performance needs pushes traditional data warehouses to their limits. Many IT departments face the daunting task of forklift upgrades and over-purchasing storage and compute capacity—all to buy just a few years relief until the next upgrade. Not so with the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse. The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse gets you up and running quickly, with minimal, if any, disruption. While traditional data warehouse migrations require weeks or months of planning and labor, a Yellowbrick Data Warehouse can be installed, migrated, and running meaningful analytics in a single day. In addition, you can add storage and compute resources incrementally, so you will not have to purchase more than you need or worry about future upgrades.

Migrate the Yellowbrick way

Yellowbrick Data offers the following migration-related benefits:

  • Ability to use an existing rack: The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse has a standard (non-proprietary) form factor that fits seamlessly into an existing rack.
  • Fast installation and provisioning: Turn-key design and converged architecture enables the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse to reach its final fault-tolerant production state within 90 minutes.
  • Simple migration that simplifies operations: The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse uses standard data definition language (DDL) and supports multiple databases and schemas. Industry-leading performance and software features, such as auto-indexing and automatic statistics, enable even poorly written SQL to execute much faster than optimized SQL on competing solutions.
  • Rapid data migration: The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse custom high-speed bulk loader is parallel everywhere. It was designed from the ground up to deliver unprecedented data loading speeds.
  • Seamless data migration: The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse can source data with real-time ingest, including flat ASCII, compressed data, Hadoop, S3, and many more.
  • Easy ecosystem integration: Our use of standard ANSI SQL and open connectors for third-party tools, such as ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET enables enterprises to integrate seamlessly with reporting, analytical, monitoring, scheduling, backup/restore, and ETL tools. End users continue to use their existing analytic toolsets. Nothing changes, except it is now possible to run previously impossible queries.
  • No hidden costs:The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse has no hidden costs and delivers predictable price for performance across a large number of users.

Same-day migration and the ability to grow at the pace of business

With the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse “load and go” design, you can finally say goodbye to the pain of hardware upgrades. Your Yellowbrick Data Warehouse can be production ready the same day it is deployed. Better still, it will be much easier to maintain than your previous data warehouse and scales incrementally, up to petabytes of capacity, with near-linear performance.

Say goodbye to forklift upgrades now and into the future

Yellowbrick gives you a platform that prepares you for the challenging growth needs of the future:

  • Growth and availability: You can easily add performance and capacity by adding compute nodes on the fly, without any downtime. The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse “expand-as-you-grow” model enables you to buy only the storage and compute capacity you need, instead of over-purchasing based on future growth estimates.
  • Performance: The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is optimized for challenging analytic environments. It dramatically accelerates the performance of individual workloads, while powering through the mixed workloads that slow traditional data warehouses. It will enable your organization to run ad hoc queries, large batch queries, business reports, ETL processes, and ODBC inserts all at the same time.
  • Capacity: You can maintain in-memory performance levels for up to petabytes of capacity. The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse uses capacity efficiently, compressing all data, while also enabling the encryption of data at rest.

See how Yellowbrick can help you migrate quickly to a simpler, more powerful data warehouse. Contact us at info@yellowbrick.com.

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