Introducing the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse 2300 Series

February 26, 2019companyproduct

Today, we’re announcing the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse 2300 Series. What’s new you ask? The 2300 Series has 80% more computing power, 4 times the capacity, and twice the number of analytic nodes in comparison to our previous generation. The new series also stores up to 2.4 petabytes of customer data.

This new Yellowbrick Data Warehouse meets the data challenges of digital transformation by supporting critical analytic functions at scale. The system is purpose-built for enterprises and the hybrid cloud, and deploys powerful analytics anywhere, with best-in-class economics.

Jason Snodgress, Chief Operating Officer at Yellowbrick Data shared the latest details with us.

What is driving the launch of this new product series?

Our customers spoke, and we listened! They wanted a small appliance that packs a powerful punch. Again and again, we hear requirements for both more capacity and performance to further analytic goals. Leading companies using analytics to power their business seek speed over large volumes of data, as well as the ability to empower a high-number of concurrent users.

The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse was architected for this type of architectural improvement from the beginning, so we were able to quickly expand the data warehouse to over 1000 vCPUs and 2.4 petabytes of user data.

What does this mean for customers? In short it means customers have a robust solution to drive analytics for their businesses. From a technical perspective, the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse scales linearly. When the number of concurrent users increases, we can add more nodes to scale the system accordingly, and provide the same performance. We frequently see end user queries complete in 10x - 70x less time than prior solutions, and Yellowbrick can maintain this performance as we add more and more users.

Yellowbrick Data allows customers to start with a minimal configuration, such as 8 nodes or 16 nodes, and the fact that we can just add nodes as customers’ needs grow is a great advantage for them, allowing efficient scale for performance intensive analytics.

Who is using Yellowbrick today? Several of the world’s largest companies have selected the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse, including: one of the world’s largest insurance companies, one of the top five credit card companies, a top global market research firm, a top North American wireless carrier, one of the world’s largest private-sector couriers, a top 10 hospitality and casino operator, and a top electronic medical records provider, among others.

All of these businesses share the common traits of using analytics to fuel new business growth, optimize operations, and reduce risk.

When is the 2300 Series available? Now! How can I learn more? get more information? Visit or drop us a line at []( blog inquiry)