Introduction to Yellowbrick

March 31, 2020webcasts

In today’s uncertain environment, it’s more imperative than ever that IT, data, and analytics departments have strong, dynamic plans to support their businesses with powerful and immediate insights—insights that require a data warehouse that is scalable, flexible, highly available and dependable, and provides superior performance at an economical price.

Yellowbrick is the world’s only modern data warehouse purpose-built for hybrid cloud, providing ultimate flexibility and performing with unmatched speed either in your data center or in any cloud.

As a standards-compliant data warehouse, Yellowbrick works seamlessly with all of your analytics tools, speeding their performance and providing the quickest time-to-insight, just at the moment when your business needs it most.

Join us to learn about Yellowbrick and how it helps you modernize your analytics infrastructure with the only modern data warehouse for hybrid cloud.

View the recorded webcast: Introduction to Yellowbrick.