Accelerate machine learning with Yellowbrick Data Warehouse

October 29, 2020webcasts

When it comes to analytics, it's hard to beat the convenience of a data warehouse. They allow you to analyze billions of records in seconds, just by running a few simple queries. But if you're only focusing on the raw data, you might be missing the bigger picture. Buried underneath that raw data is a rich layer of hidden information that can provide useful insights to shorten processes or save thousands in costs. For those who know how to access it, this information can be extremely valuable.

Learn how the right machine learning algorithm can unlock hidden fields and new insights that were not previously possible. Plus, see a live demo of the latest machine learning techniques to expand the capabilities of your data warehouse and take your analytics to the next level.

  • Shorten processes
  • Identify cost-savings opportunities
  • Uncover new insights more quickly for faster speed-to-insight

View the recorded webcast: Accelerate machine learning with Yellowbrick Data Warehouse.