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Modernizing your data warehouse for hybrid cloud analytics


May 19, 2020

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For most organizations, data warehouses are more critical than ever. Being able to consolidate information from many operational and transaction sources into a single resource for business-critical, responsive queries is key to responding in today’s competitive environment.

But all too often, existing data warehouses just can’t keep up. Netezza systems are aging rapidly (and perform like it) and need to be replaced. Teradata is inflexible, hard to manage, and painfully expensive. And cloud-only options like Snowflake and RedShift don’t address on-premises data, where many enterprises still keep vast amounts of what they consider their most sensitive and valuable assets, and can’t meet critical-workload requirements for reliable performance (or costs) at scale.

Now is the time to look at a modern data strategy that meets new requirements at a fixed and predictable cost. Yellowbrick’s whitepaper will help you define that strategy—and, more importantly, begin implementing a hybrid cloud approach to data analytics.

You can download the full report here.

Highlights you’ll read about:

  • How to define a modern data strategy that examines:

    • Price/performance
    • Scalability
    • Real-time data support
    • Practical support for cloud migration without lock-in
    • Streamlined, consistent management
    • Predictable OPEX pricing
  • A new approach to data analytics architecture with hybrid cloud

  • Benefits and real-world business results that the Yellowbrick Hybrid Cloud Data Analytics Platform delivers

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