Supercharge your MicroStrategy analytics with the Ultimate Data Warehouse

June 19, 2019webcasts

Enterprises today struggle to meet modern analytics and data warehouse demand. Traditional data warehouses are overloaded. They cannot cost-effectively support ad hoc queries on raw fact data, retain enough historical data to fully benefit from predictive analytics, ingest data in real-time, or support interactive applications.

A recently recorded webcast discusses the phenomenal benefits and capabilities of a combined Yellowbrick Data and MicroStrategy analytics and data warehouse solution. Read on for a summary of the webcast content.


The combined Yellowbrick Data and MicroStrategy solution offers enterprises the following benefits:

  • The fastest performance at the lowest cost (best price/performance on the market)
  • Support for simultaneous, mixed workloads, including real-time inserts of IoT and OLTP data at 100,000s of rows per second, batch ingests, interactive applications, and ad hoc queries
  • Dramatically faster dashboards, business critical reports, and ad hoc queries for instant insight
  • Support for thousands of concurrent users to add analysts and discover new optimizations
  • Simple data modeling with high-performance ANSI SQL for true self-service analytics
  • Scale to petabytes of data in just 6 rack units of space
  • Ability to query live data via native access that eliminates the need for indexes, aggregates, cubes, or rollups

What customers are saying

Yellowbrick customers are reporting results like the following:

  • "[We could] build a 182-billion row table in under 2 minutes."
  • "Instead of replicating it into twenty different tables, flattened out five different ways, to answer the same question in Yellowbrick, you could just run one simple join." Clarity Innovations
  • "We wanted to reduce the number of platforms and provide faster response times to user queries." Symphony RetailAI
  • "We found Yellowbrick to have the highest performing, most scalable and cost-effective platform for our 300TB environment." Allscripts
  • "The performance we saw at the end of one week blew us away." TEOCO

Proof in action: a demonstration

Because seeing is believing, the webcast provides a demonstration of the MicroStrategy and Yellowbrick Data solution.

Yellowbrick Data Video

The demonstration ran a TCP-H benchmark in a multi-tenant environment to achieve the following results:

  • 3.5 billion rows of data loaded in about 5 minutes
  • Ad hoc interactive queries completed in seconds, running over raw atomic data, without caching, as data was loading
  • Fast performance for complex queries. TCP-H query number 1 (customers returning items more than 20% than other customers, by state) was modified to query all states, joining dimension tables. The query completed in about 4 seconds.
  • High concurrency. The demonstration used JMeter to simulate many concurrent users and queries hitting the system. 99% of the time, queries returned in 1/10th of a second or less and 95% of the time in 1/4 of a second or less.
  • Workload management capabilities ensured critical queries or users had priority to system resources to complete quickly
  • Admins had real-time visibility into all workloads running on the system
  • Simple integration with MicroStrategy, just like any standard SQL database

You can view the 25-minute on-demand webcast here.