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Yellowbrick keeps BMW moving forward

    BMW is known for innovation and performance. Yet, their financial services data warehouse couldn’t keep up when it came to delivering for their customers.

    BMW Group Financial Services selected Yellowbrick to help improve the speed and quality of insights from their large database, ultimately delivering customers faster finance and leasing answers, finance packages tailored for customers’ unique needs, and a superior customer experience.

    BMW Group Financial Services uses Yellowbrick to:

    • Accelerate query and ETL performance
    • Improve workload management and monitoring capabilities
    • Integrate seamlessly with existing business intelligence (BI) tools in place, including Tableau, SAS, TOAD Data Point, and Informatica
    • Reduce ongoing database maintenance and associated costs
    • Leverage existing skill sets

    Initial tests and work with Yellowbrick have met these goals with query performance that is 152X faster on average across 17 representative queries and space usage that is 70 percent lower.

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    Unmatched price/performance

    In today’s business climate, your business needs real-time insights to ever-increasing data challenges. The Yellowbrick analytics database was designed for speed and performance in ways that make legacy and cloud-only platforms seem slow. With Yellowbrick, you get faster speed-to-insight, with answers to more complex questions than ever before. Learn how Yellowbrick can drive your data strategy forward.

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    Yellowbrick Data Video

    BMW Group Financial Services is a data-driven enterprise which aims to provide the best possible service and experience for our customers. We are confident that Yellowbrick’s ability to quickly analyze large amounts of data and offer new insights will help us deliver on these goals.

    Ian Smith

    CEO at BMW Group Financial Services North America

    Yellowbrick delivers on performance

    A vision of analytics from Yellowbrick CEO Neil Carson
    Top Financial Services company makes data-driven decisions 100X faster with Yellowbrick
    Top Financial Services company makes data-driven decisions 100X faster with Yellowbrick
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    BMW selects Yellowbrick to drive performance
    Press Release
    BMW selects Yellowbrick to drive performance
    Read the press release