ybsql Startup File

You can create a .ybsqlrc startup file in the client user's home directory to provide shortcuts for setting options every time the user starts a session. For example, the file could have contents like this:
user1@user1:~$ more .ybsqlrc
-- By default, NULL displays as an empty space. Is it actually an empty
-- string, or is it null? This makes that distinction visible.
\pset null '[NULL]'
-- Use table format (with headers across the top) by default, but switch to
-- expanded table format when there's a lot of data, which makes it much
-- easier to read.
\x auto
When you start up ybsql, this file is read automatically. For example, here the NULL display and expanded display settings are both in effect:
user1@user1:/usr/bin$ ybsql premdb
Null display is "[NULL]".
Expanded display is used automatically.
ybsql (1.2.1)
Type "help" for help.
To start a session without reading the file, use the -X option:
user1@user1:/usr/bin$ ybsql premdb -X
ybsql (1.2.1)
Type "help" for help.