Distribution Options

Within a CREATE TABLE statement, you can define a single-column distribution key, or you can set the distribution to RANDOM or REPLICATE:
Hash distribution across the worker nodes based on the values in the specified column. This option is recommended for most tables. For example:
create table team
(teamid smallint, htid smallint, atid smallint, name varchar(30), nickname varchar(20), city varchar(20), stadium varchar(50), capacity int) 
distribute on (teamid);
Note: You cannot distribute a table on a floating-point column (FLOAT, FLOAT4, FLOAT8).
Replication of the entire table across all blades. This option is intended for smaller tables. For example:
create table season
(seasonid smallint, season_name character(9), numteams smallint, winners varchar(30)) 
distribute replicate;
Random distribution of table rows.
If you do not specify the DISTRIBUTE clause, the table is hash-distributed on the first named column in the table. If you do not specify the DISTRIBUTE clause and the first column in the table is a floating-point column, RANDOM distribution is used.