Show the current value of a configuration parameter or show the values for all parameters.

SHOW parameter | ALL
For example:
premdb=> show search_path;
 public, allpremdb
(1 row)
premdb=# show yb_server_version;
(1 row)
SHOW ALL includes a description of each parameter.
premdb=# show all;
                name                 |     setting     |                              description                              
 application_name                    | ybsql           | Sets the application name to be reported in statistics and logs.
 client_encoding                     | UTF8            | Sets the client's character set encoding.
 DateStyle                           | ISO, MDY        | Sets the display format for date and time values.
 idle_in_transaction_session_timeout | 10min           | Sets the maximum allowed duration of any idling transaction.
 idle_session_timeout                | 1h              | Sets the maximum allowed session duration after any statement.
 lc_collate                          | C               | Shows the collation order locale.
 lc_ctype                            | C               | Shows the character classification and case conversion locale.
 lc_time                             | C               | Sets the locale for formatting date and time values.
The following parameters cannot be changed (by superusers or regular users):
  • lc_collate
  • lc_ctype
  • lc_time
  • server_encoding
  • yb_last_execid
  • yb_server_version
  • yb_server_version_num