User Accounts

This section describes the types of accounts that exist on the Yellowbrick appliance, their usage, and the default accounts of each type that are created with a new installation.

User accounts fall into two main categories: operating system (OS) accounts and database accounts. After a fresh installation on an appliance, the system administrator has access to two accounts only:
  • ybdadmin/YBDmgmt: OS administrator account (username and password)
  • yellowbrick/yellowbrick: Database administrator account (username and password)

All other accounts that are already created on the system are Yellowbrick service accounts that the administrator should not disturb.

OS Accounts

Type Default Username/Password Description
System yellowbrick account yellowbrick/<secret> OS account for the Yellowbrick database service.
System admin account ybdadmin/YBDmgmt OS administrator account for the Yellowbrick appliance. Only account with permission to run administrative commands. Used by system administrators and SEs for all aspects of system management.

Use this account to log into ybcli and create other OS users who can run ybcli operations. See config.

System component accounts N/A OS accounts for Yellowbrick applications (SMC, DCS, and so on)

Database Accounts

Type Default Username/Password Description
Database user accounts No default users are created during installation. End-user database accounts that define an individual's access rights. See Managing Database Users.
Database admin account yellowbrick/yellowbrick Administrator superuser database account with full access within the Yellowbrick database. Used to create end-user accounts, grant user permissions, access the system catalog, and use SQL-based administration tools. Use this account to create regular users for general access via SQL tools (such as ybsql), database superusers who can run backup and restore operations (ybbackup, ybrestore), and non-superusers who can run bulk load operations with ybload.
Database service accounts Several sys_ybd_* accounts with secret passwords. Internal superuser accounts used by Yellowbrick services. These services run background operations such as flushing and analyzing tables.

The SMC has the sys_ybd_smc superuser and four non-login, non-superuser accounts: sys_ybd_smc_admin, sys_ybd_smc_manager, sys_ybd_smc_reporter, and ys_ybd_smc_viewer.

You can create database users in the SMC with "console access" privileges at these four levels. All of the users you create in the SMC are the same as users created in SQL except for this additional console access attribute. The same behavior applies to creating "roles" in the SMC, which are users without the login attribute.