ybunload Command

Each ybunload command defines:
  • A target table or a SELECT statement. All referenced tables must exist in the database, and the ybunload client user must have SELECT privileges on those tables.
  • An absolute or relative path to a destination directory (local or S3)
  • Database connection options
  • Options for processing the unload, formatting the output, and compressing the data

Basic Syntax

ybunload { -t name | -s "query" } -o destination [options]

You can unload either all of the rows in a single table (-t) or the results of a valid query (-s). Only SELECT statements are supported with the -s or --select option. You cannot unload the results of other SQL statements, such as INSERT or CREATE TABLE AS (CTAS).

Use -? or --help to return a list and description of the basic options:
$ ybunload --help