Loading Tables with Spark

This section describes how to bulk load data from source files that ybload cannot read directly, such as Avro and Parquet data. Regardless of its source location (HDFS, NFS, S3, and so on), you can load data in different formats by running Apache Spark jobs that use the Yellowbrick ybrelay client to call ybload.

Follow these steps to bulk load Yellowbrick tables via Spark and ybrelay. Subsequent sections explain these steps in detail and provide examples.

  1. Install and set up Apache Spark and ybrelay.
  2. Define the parameters for a spark-submit command:
    • Native Spark options
    • Spark application options:
      • Yellowbrick database connectivity
      • ybrelay connectivity
      • General options
      • ybload options, if needed
  3. Run the spark-submit command.
  4. Monitor the resulting ybload operation.