ybrelay Options

The ybrelay service can run without options; however, many options are available, as described in this section.

A simple start command would identify the work directory (-w or --workdir option):
$ ybrelay -w ./work
14:23:34.123 [ INFO] ABOUT CLIENT:
    app.cli_args         = "-w" "./work"
    app.name_and_version = "Yellowbrick Data Relay version 3.1.0-616"
    java.home            = "/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre"
    java.version         = "1.8.0_101"
    jvm.memory           = "491.00 MB (max=7.11 GB)"
    jvm.name_and_version = "Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.101-b13, mixed mode)"
    jvm.options          = "-Xms512m, -Xmx8g, -ea, -Dapp.name=ybrelay, -Dapp.pid=11403, -Dapp.repo=/opt/ybtools/, -Dapp.home=/opt/ybtools/, -Dbasedir=/opt/ybtools/"
    jvm.vendor           = "Oracle Corporation"
    os.name_and_version  = "Linux 4.4.0-31-generic (amd64)"

14:23:34.125 [ INFO] Yellowbrick log level: DEBUG

Startup options may be specified in the ybrelay.options file.

Contents of the ybrelay.options File

The default ybrelay.options file, found in the /opt/ybtools/<version>/config directory, contains the following entries:

The options in the file are defined in the following sections.

Common Options

The following ybrelay options are common to several ybtools clients.
Specify a file that includes a set of ybrelay options and values to use. Options in the file must be specified in the following form (using separate lines for each option name and value):
  value for option1
  value for option2
-?, --help, --help-advanced
Return basic (or advanced) usage information for the ybrelay command and its options.
Return the Java version that is running on the client system. The client tools require the 64-bit version of Java 8 (also known as Java 1.8). Java 9 and 10 are not supported.
Specify the logging level for the default console output. The default level is WARN. (Use the --logfile-log-level option to specify the logging level for a named log file.)

Using the default WARN setting reduces the logs that ybrelay writes to stderr.

Specify the name and location of a log file for ybrelay operations. If the specified file already exists, it will be truncated. If this option is not specified, no log file is written. When you specify this --logfile option, also specify a --logfile-log-level value other than OFF.
Specify the logging level for a given log file (as defined with the --logfile option). If the level is not specified, it defaults to the --log-level value. You must specify a --logfile-log-level value other than OFF when you specify the --logfile option.
-q, --quiet
Do not write any output to the console. If --quiet is specified, you must also specify --logfile.
Display the version of ybrelay you are running (as part of ybtools). This option is not intended to be combined with other options. For example:
$ ybrelay --version
Yellowbrick Data Relay version 3.1.0-616

ybrelay Options

The following options are specific to the ybrelay service.

--address STRING, -a STRING
Listen address. Default:
--connection-timeout-seconds NUMBER
Connection timeout (in seconds). Default: 120.
--idle-timeout NUMBER
Detect idle timeout for aborted loads (in minutes). Default: 5
--logdir STRING, -l STRING
Specify a path where log data is created and managed. Default: /var/lib/ybrelay/work.
--logfile-backups NUMBER
Set the maximum number of log file backups. Default: 10. The ybrelay.log file is managed with the --logfile-backups and --logfile-size values, which set the rotation policies for this log file.
--logfile-size STRING
Set the maximum log file size. Default: 100MB.
--log-retention-days NUMBER
Set the number of days to retain stored log files (in /var/log/ybrelay/logs or the specified logdir). Default: 14. This directory can grow large if a large number of ybload logs are generated. For example, if ybrelay is running a distinct ybload operation every minute, at least 2880 files are generated daily.
--port NUMBER, -p NUMBER
Listen port. Default: 21212.
--queuesizebytes NUMBER, -s NUMBER
Set the queue size, in bytes (per load job). Default: 536870912.
--read-timeout-seconds NUMBER
Set the read timeout (in seconds). Default: 0.
--tasks NUMBER, -t NUMBER
Set the task count (for parallelism). Default: 4.
--workdir STRING, -w STRING
Set the path to create and manage temporary data. Default: /var/lib/ybrelay/work.
--write-timeout-seconds NUMBER
Set the write timeout (in seconds). Default: 0.
--ybload STRING, -y STRING
Set the path to the ybload client.
--ybload-args STRING
Set the default arguments to ybload. Default:
--no-trim-white --log-level WARN --logfile-log-level DEBUG
--ybload-vmargs STRING
Set VM arguments to ybload (if --ybload path is not used).