What's New in Version 5.1

Version 5.1.0 contains the following new features, enhancements, and operational changes. See also the Version 5.1 Release Notes, available from Customer Support.

New-Generation Andromeda Hardware

Version 5.1 fully supports Andromeda, Yellowbrick’s latest generation of hardware architecture. Andromeda operates within a 6U-per-chassis footprint and supports ten nodes per chassis. Andromeda introduces CPU architecture changes and increases in memory, network, and disk bandwidth.

TLS Support for ybrelay

TLS support for ybrelay and Spark export is a preview feature in Version 5.1, providing secure network connectivity between Spark, the ybrelay server, and the Yellowbrick database. See Loading Tables with Spark.

Fine-Grained Access Privileges

The GRANT and REVOKE commands now support the following system-level privileges:


New and Enhanced ybcli Commands

The following ybcli commands are new or enhanced in this release:
  • config bmc log show and config bmc log clear are new commands that retrieve and clear low-level hardware event logs from the manager nodes.
  • config network log enable now accepts host names.
  • keystore backup list output is sorted by date and time.
  • system info commands retrieve detailed information about system components for use during installation and maintenance
  • system status reports the hardware platform: Tinman or Andromeda.
  • system status now includes worker count and worker status.

WLM Admin Pool

The admin pool in the default WLM profile was changed from 2 slots to 1 slot. This slot is given 4.3GB of memory per worker per query, effectively doubling the memory per slot that was allocated in previous versions. The default profile is provided only as a guideline; however, if you are using a profile with an admin pool that is similar in definition, you may want to either increase the memory for that pool (8.6GB) or reduce the slot size.

RHEL 6 Clients No Longer Supported

RHEL 6 is no longer supported as a client platform. This version of the RHEL operating system was declared EOL on November 30, 2020.

Reduction in Port Range Required for Client Tools

The reserved port range for Version 5.x ybtools has been reduced:
  • Required ports in Version 5.x are 5432, 11111, 11112, 31000, and 31001 only. The Version 4.x ports were 5432, 11111, 11112, and 31000 through 41000.
  • To maintain backward compatibility, ybunload and ybbackup will continue to use the full port range of 31000-41000 until they are upgraded to 5.x versions. Starting in Version 5.1, these tools must be upgraded and all the prior versions (3.x/4.x/5.0.x) are deprecated.
  • Prior versions of ybload and ybrestore will use the 5.x port range without requiring an upgrade.

System View Updates

The following system views are changed in Version 5.1:
  • sys.schema now returns the information_schema in its results.
  • sys.table and sys.view return tables and views that exist in the information_schema.