Turbulence in Cloudera?

The data lake has been a mainstay among many large companies looking to unleash their wealth of data with real-time analytics.

That promise of turning stagnant, big data into key insights has, unfortunately, failed to materialize.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how most data lake owners are beset by having stored vast amounts of data, yet they fail in gathering real-time analytics. It’s precisely the analytics of that data where the real value exists.

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When you download this eBook you’ll learn the solution: keep the data lake for what it does well. What makes this solution different is adding modern, real-time enterprise analytics that's designed for performance at scale.

How not to accomplish this? One example is Cloudera, which was considered an innovator. Now as technology has evolved, Cloudera is now known for pushing different kinds of innovation boundaries: the patience of its users along with several other “innovations” -- like slow queries and downtime and dependency on extensive new skill sets.

This eBook demonstrates the new approach to data lakes: Let data lakes do what they do best -- collect data. Pull the business analytics function out of the lake and back to shore.

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The eBook also shows how LexisNexis, one of the top U.S. healthcare insurance companies, and one of the top mobile operators in Latin America replaced Impala and Hive with Yellowbrick and their users are now quantifiably happier, with queries running up to 100X faster.