Meet the Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse

Meet the Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse

Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse is a Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) analytics database that helps you transform your business by achieving insights in real-time. With its cloud-agnostic architecture, Yellowbrick provides a flexible, future-proof platform for faster innovation.

Download this eBook to learn more about how Yellowbrick can provide your company a data warehouse with an analytical engine that can process any volume of data in real-time.

In this eBook, you will meet Yellowbrick and learn how Yellowbrick accomplishes the following:
  • A data warehouse that has the elasticity to grow with your needs
  • Real-time analytics that are 10x to 100x faster than other data warehouses
  • A flexible, future-proof platform that's designed to accommodate the innovations of today and tomorrow
  • Predictable, subscription-based pricing that removes cost overrun risk

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