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Powering Top Hedge Funds

Modernize legacy platforms like SAP Sybase IQ

Powering Top Hedge Funds White Paper

In today’s market, data and analytics play a critical role in maximizing profits for hedge funds.

The need for both data and analytics has exploded in the past few years. What's driving the change? Hedge funds’ use of big data, alternative data, risk analytics, and data-powered investing.

More than 50% of market-leading hedge fund managers use seven or more alternative data sets. And analysts need to use that data to explore new ideas, create new models, and make faster decisions.

Legacy platforms and cloud data warehouses like SAP Sybase IQ and Microsoft SQL Server can’t meet your specialized needs.

By modernizing legacy technology, hedge funds can make faster and more profitable decisions.

In this ebook you will learn:
  • The limitations of legacy and cloud data warehouse providers
  • How a top hedge fund and market maker dropped daily order processing from five hours to four minutes
  • Why faster analytics and processing capabilities provide a competitive edge.
  • How to deliver 100x performance for thousands of users at a fraction of the cost
  • How Yellowbrick loaded 1 billion records in less than three minutes for a top-10 hedge fund

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