Looking for
the Teradata exit?

Teradata was the gold standard in data warehousing. Now it’s earned a reputation for other…"features:"

  • Huge maintenance costs and overhead
  • A massive, eco-unfriendly footprint
  • Inflexibility for modern workloads
  • Outsourced support to IBM

Yellowbrick is different. We offer a state-of-the-art cloud data warehouse that gets you the most value from all your data, much more easily than Teradata—and much affordably.

Yellowbrick is incredibly fast and cost-effective, even for thousands of users. And, the freedom is yours to run your data warehouse in your own public cloud VPC, in private clouds, and on-premises—without lock-in.

Want to learn more?

Yellowbrick and Next Pathway, the cloud migration industry leader, have partnered to provide an end-to-end solution that eases offload from Teradata to Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse. Contact us for a free assessment.

Getting started with Yellowbrick is fast and easy.