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Insights with speed and simplicity

We built Yellowbrick with industry-leading manageability (including advanced workload management, automated operations, and granular observability) so you can focus on what matters: game changing insights.


“Our standard process saw a 3X to 10X performance improvement, without any performance tuning.”

— Nigel Pratt SVP Development Symphony RetailAI

Self-managing — no training needed

Yellowbrick delivers native peak performance and lets you focus on running your business rather than managing a data warehouse. While other complex solutions can take a long time to learn, your team won’t need special skills with us: we are standards-based and integrate with the most common industry tools.

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Load and go

No partitions, cubes, indexes, or query tuning required

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Easy to use with ANSI SQL, Postgres front end, and open APIs

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Out-of-the-box integrations

Plug and play with BI, data science, and data motion tools

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Deep analytics and granular control

Get full visibility of your data warehouse with a high-level view of your system including cluster resource utilization and detailed metrics such as open user sessions and running queries or jobs. Maximize the insights to your business with granular control of workloads, users, and roles.

Yellowbrick gives you deep visibility into query plans and other details.

Advanced workload management

Optimize performance and protect your mission critical workloads with advanced workload management. Gain sub-second control for query execution or cancellation, map queries to system resources such as disks, CPU, and RAM, and define query priority.

Advanced workload management lets you assign resources to workloads based on their business priority.

“From the time that we had access to Yellowbrick, we were able to jump right in. We were able to load billions of rows in minutes.”

— Wes Daniels, COO Clarity Innovations