Bob Rumsby

Principal Technical Writer

Bob joined Yellowbrick Data in 2016 and started developing the product documentation from scratch. He began his high-tech career over 30 years ago, working as an editor for a company on Castro Street, just up the road from the new Yellowbrick office.
Bob grew up about 25 miles south of London and frequently goes back to England to visit his brothers and sister. At home in San Jose, he spends lots of time with his wife and family, but also enjoys watching the Premier League, directing Shakespeare plays, listening to jazz and drinking Scotch whisky.

What Color Is Your Brick?

First database road was the Red Brick road , back in 1995; 21 years later, in 2016, I set foot on the Yellowbrick road and 6 years later, I'm still driving. In between my red bricks and yellow bricks, I worked for Informix (Red Brick acquisition), IBM (Informix acquisition)

15 Apr 2022