Hyoun Park

CEO and Chief Analyst at Amalgam Insights

Hyoun Park is the CEO and Chief Analyst at Amalgam Insights which helps companies to manage IT, analytics, machine learning, and financial software solutions with a focus on mapping the value proposition of software solutions. Throughout his career, Hyoun has focused on bridging practical gaps in data, analytics, machine learning, finance, and collaborative technologies across political, startup business, & enterprise IT environments.
Prior to his analyst career, Hyoun worked in IT departments at Bose and Teradyne, managed billing environments at multiple venture-capital backed telecom startups, and worked on the first fantasy baseball website, the late, great mosey.com

Helping the Non-Technical Executive to Select Analytics Solutions

As technology continues to advance, employees now expect the current data anlytics solutions that improves the performance to support real-time analysis under analytic environment.

16 May 2022