Torben Mathiasen

VP of Engineering

Torben has been in the tech industry for more than 30 years and joined Yellowbrick early in 2015 as a software developer. He is currently overseeing software & hardware engineering worldwide as Vice President. During his career, Torben has spent the majority of his time at the lower parts of the stack, leading numerous teams working with kernels, drivers, embedded open-source systems, and the inner workings of networking stacks. Based in Denmark, his career spans many global companies working in the fields of storage, server design, green tech, IT, and databases.
In his spare time, Torben enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, fishing, video gaming, and tinkering with electronics.

Introduction to Our Engineering Blog

Our Engineering team makes the miracle technology behind Yellowbrick. Welcome to our new technical blog series written by our team.

15 Apr 2022