Yellowbrick is revolutionizing the world of data analytics with the world’s most flexible cloud native data warehouse. Organizations of all sizes rely on Yellowbrick to get answers to their hardest business questions, power their decision-making, and get real-time insights at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.
Yellowbrick offers superior price/performance for every business use-case, along with the unique ability to run analytic workloads in public or private clouds, at the network edge, or any combination with the choice of usage based pricing or predictable fixed cost subscription.

Best of 2021

Yellowbrick’s customer testimonials. Our customers are succeeding with us.

02 Dec 2021

Announcing Our C1 Round!

We're thrilled to announce our C1 round of funding from three new investors, including institutional investor Citadel Securities, which is also a recent new customer of Yellowbrick.

04 Nov 2021

TPC-DS and the Yellowbrick query optimizer (TPC-DS Q06)

Yellowbrick Query Optimizer Team takes on TPC-DS Q06

19 Oct 2021

TPC-DS and the Yellowbrick query optimizer (TPC-DS Q05)

Yellowbrick Query Optimizer Team tackles TPC-DS Q05.

11 Oct 2021

There are no "snow days" for business data

If your data warehouse is critical to your business, peace of mind isn’t a luxury

30 Jun 2021

TPC-DS and the Yellowbrick query optimizer (TPC-DS Q04)

When your database can scan TBs per second, who needs materialization?

21 Jun 2021

The Cloud is dead, long live the Cloud

Freedom to choose deployment models doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the advantages of the cloud

08 Jun 2021

TPC-DS and the Yellowbrick query optimizer (TPC-DS Q03)

Query 3 looks like a straightforward task, but looks can be deceiving

20 May 2021

The golden analytics opportunity in insurance

By using Yellowbrick, insurance companies now have a golden opportunity to unify their vast amounts of data to drive more complete customer views, faster business processes and analytics, more accurate risk models, new ways to integrate and use real-time data, and unified platform for a distributed cloud world.

12 May 2021

TPC-DS and the Yellowbrick query optimizer (TPC-DS Q02)

Tackling Query 2 (Q02), including the subtle tricks required to handle the fact tables in TPC-DS

06 May 2021

Why is Yellowbrick so fast? Secrets of Yellowbrick Data Warehouse architecture

Many of the assumptions about data warehouse architecture are outdated. Learn how Yellowbrick's modern design concepts will make you re-think what a data warehouse can do.

04 May 2021

TPC-DS and the Yellowbrick query optimizer (TPC-DS Q01)

How does the Yellowbrick query optimizer handle queries? Deconstructing its approach to TPC-DS queries is a great way to find out.

29 Apr 2021