Yellowbrick is revolutionizing the world of data analytics with the world’s most flexible cloud native data warehouse. Organizations of all sizes rely on Yellowbrick to get answers to their hardest business questions, power their decision-making, and get real-time insights at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.
Yellowbrick offers superior price/performance for every business use-case, along with the unique ability to run analytic workloads in public or private clouds, at the network edge, or any combination with the choice of usage based pricing or predictable fixed cost subscription.

Four big questions every CDO should ask the VP of Data Warehousing

Strategic questions every Chief Data Officer or data leader should be asking their VP of Data Warehousing

18 Mar 2020

How to get the most from your analytics tools

Getting the most from your analytics tools is easier than ever with Yellowbrick Data

09 Mar 2020

Yellowbrick 2020 predictions: The year of data-driven innovations

Predictions for 2020 from Yellowbrick

11 Jan 2020

Clarity Innovations gives the intelligence community better, faster insight with Yellowbrick

The phenomenal performance Yellowbrick delivers enables Clarity Innovations to more effectively meet customer needs. Calder told us of one real-world scenario: “We were asked to pull back geographic information from billions of rows of data. It was taking almost 60 minutes to cull through the data with our existing system, whereas data results came back in milliseconds in the Yellowbrick solution. “

09 Sep 2019

Insurers can modernize analytics today with Yellowbrick

Yellowbrick is the ideal analytics and data warehouse platform for Insurers. Its industry standards-based architecture makes it easy for insurers to eliminate silos by integrating disparate data sources to a single platform. It also sets a foundation for a hybrid cloud architecture that can be deployed in the datacenter and/or the insurer’s chosen cloud provider.  With Yellowbrick, insurers can achieve actionable insights to maximize customer value, reduce risk and exposure, and lower costs.

20 Aug 2019

Yellowbrick cures healthcare's analytics woes

Yellowbrick Data delivers a modern data warehouse that sets the foundation for turning data into fast, actionable insights, helping the healthcare sector improve patient outcomes, accelerate time to market, drive cost reduction, and enable entirely new business models and revenue streams.

20 Aug 2019

Retailers can win the fight for the customer with Yellowbrick

The Yellowbrick solution’s high-performance design gives retailers faster, higher quality insight, even as data volumes increase. This enables retailers to win the fight for the customer through a personalized experience and targeted advertising, and by optimizing product pricing, brands, features, and locations.

16 Aug 2019

Financial services companies gain a competitive edge with Yellowbrick

Choosing the right data infrastructure for financial services is critical for digital transformation. Yellowbrick gives Financial Services organizations a single, cost-effective data analytics solution.

19 Jun 2019

Yellowbrick helps banks achieve analytics and data warehousing goals

Yellowbrick helps banks keep their competitive edge with fast analytics for more predictive insights, while keeping costs in check.

19 Jun 2019

Succeeding with Telecom Analytics

Succeeding with Telecom Analytics

13 May 2019

Supercharge cybersecurity with Netflow and Yellowbrick Data

Supercharge cybersecurity with Netflow and Yellowbrick Data

25 Apr 2019

451 Research shares survey data on enterprise workload migration

The 451 Survey indicates that in 2020, **38% of organizations will adopt a hybrid cloud model** (hosting data on-premises and in the cloud). Companies adopting this model are doing so because of legacy technical debt, data protection, compliance and privacy needs. Enterprises with 1,000 employees or more - especially in the finance and utilities spaces - will leverage PaaS and IaaS to manage their workloads.

04 Apr 2019