Performance that nobody can match

Yellowbrick is designed from the ground up for blazing-fast performance at any scale (single TBs to multiple PBs), in any or cloud or data center.

Snowflake and other cloud-native data warehouses demand more and more expensive compute resources as your needs grow, and their consumption-based pricing provides no incentive to improve performance. And legacy platforms are based on decades-old architectures that can’t keep up with modern workloads.

Instead, Yellowbrick offers blazing-fast performance at a fraction of their cost via predictably priced subscriptions, delivering the best economics in the industry.

Inside Yellowbrick performance

We’ve re-engineered the core software kernel of MPP analytic databases to make Yellowbrick Data Warehouse do more computation with less CPU, store more data far more efficiently, and move data across networks faster than anything else available. The result is adaptive database architecture that blows the doors off rivals for batch, real-time, interactive, and mixed workloads in any environment across distributed clouds, whether based on Kubernetes, virtual machines, or bare metal.

Real World Results

Yellowbrick offers least 5x better performance than Snowflake (even with multiple virtual data warehouses spun up), for 10x more concurrent users, at 1/5th the cost per query.

  • Yellowbrick
    16 nodes
  • Snowflake
    32 nodes
    (Price Equivalent)
  • Snowflake
    64 nodes
  • Snowflake
    128 nodes
50 pctile
90 pctile
95 pctile
99 pctile

Customer results tell the story

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152x faster time to insight

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182x faster time to insight

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100x faster time to insight

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300x faster time to insight

Top 10 Financial Services

100x faster time to insight


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netezza replacement: modernize and improve performance
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Customer Story

This multinational financial services corporation captures millions of transactions daily, and Yellowbrick helps it analyze PBs of that data across partner and co-branding programs, merchant services, reward-points programs, and more. Thousands of analysts require immediate access to this data via ad-hoc, interactive queries as well as pre-built reports.

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100x faster


Not only are some queries 100X faster than before with Netezza, but analysts can now run queries that were previously impossible.

Data in minutes

Data Availability in Minutes, Not Hours

Some data loads that took 7-10 hours now complete in under 20 minutes, using existing ETL tools.

Huge savings

Slashed Data Center Expenses

The company replaced entire racks of Netezza with a Yellowbrick instance, dramatically reducing rack-space and power & cooling requirements.

Partner ecosystem

Yellowbrick Data partners offer best-of-breed solutions for BI/data visualization, security, data motion, and consulting and integration, complementing Yellowbrick Data Warehouse’s industry-leading speed and flexibility. The ecosystem is growing fast, so check back here often for updates.

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