An Unbeatable Combo:

Price/Performance That Competitors Can’t Match

We redesigned analytic database architecture from the ground up for price/performance that makes legacy data warehouses such as Netezza and Teradata, and cloud-only players like Snowflake, look slow by comparison.

Say Goodbye to Bottlenecks, Say Hello to Pure Speed

We redesigned MPP database architecture from the ground up, including hardware and software, to take full advantage of all-flash memory design for the first time in an analytic database. This approach shatters the traditional ceilings on query latency, concurrency, and amount of instantly query-able data—leaving legacy platforms and the cloud-only players in the dust, and at a fraction of their cost.

Plus, our hybrid cloud architecture lets you run analytics on any private and/or major public cloud, and a familiar PostgreSQL interface makes the user and developer experience feels just like you’re building for, and working with, the most advanced open source database in the world.

More Speed Leads to More Business

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Faster Answers for More Users

When more of your analysts get faster answers to even the hardest questions, business transformation follows.

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Richer, More Accurate Insights

Access to real-time and at-rest data simultaneously brings higher-fidelity insights for better decision-making.

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Business Transformation Unlocked

Getting answers to previously impossible questions creates new revenue opportunities you could only dream about!

Real World Results

Real-world test results (in secs) from 3 representative customer workloads running on Yellowbrick vs. a legacy data warehouse (Vendor A) and an MPP analytic database (Vendor B).

  • 142
    Workload 1
  • 463
    Workload 2
  • 404
    Workload 3
Vendor A
Vendor B
Yellowbrick (15-node)
netezza replacement: modernize and improve performance
Netezza Replacement: Modernize and Improve Performance
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breaking through netezza whitepaper
Data Warehouse Modernization for Hybrid Cloud Analytics
Customer Story:

Top 10 Financial Services Company

This multinational financial services corporation captures millions of transactions daily, and Yellowbrick helps it analyze PBs of that data across partner and co-branding programs, merchant services, reward-points programs, and more. Thousands of analysts require immediate access to this data via ad-hoc, interactive queries as well as pre-built reports.

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100X Faster Time-to-Insight

Not only are some queries 100X faster than before with Netezza, but analysts can now run queries that were previously impossible.

Data Availability in Minutes, Not Hours

Some data loads that took 7-10 hours now complete in under 20 minutes, using existing ETL tools.

Slashed Data Center Expenses

The company replaced entire racks of Netezza with a Yellowbrick instance, dramatically reducing rack-space and power & cooling requirements.

Partner Ecosystem

Yellowbrick Data partners offer best-of-breed solutions for BI/data visualization, security, data motion, and consulting and integration, complementing Yellowbrick Data Warehouse’s industry-leading speed and flexibility. The ecosystem is growing fast, so check back here often for updates.

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