Yellowbrick Data Partners With Nippon Information and Communication Corporation (NI+C) to Unlock Data Value for Enterprises, Expanding Global Footprint


February 2, 2022> Back to Newsroom >

MOUNTAIN VIEW Calif.- February 2, 2022- Yellowbrick Data, the leader in Distributed Data Cloud architecture for data warehousing, today announced a strategic partnership with Nippon Information and Communication Corporation (NI+C). The partnership advances Yellowbrick’s global expansion strategy by offering simplicity of the cloud experience, across private and public deployments or at the edge, for mission-critical applications to Japanese markets.

"Nippon Information and Communication Corporation is very pleased to partner with Yellowbrick in Japan to provide our customers with a new technology option for data fabric deployment," said Takeshi Naito, executive officer and general manager of Value Integration Headquarters at NI+C. "As many companies strive to become more data-driven, the Yellowbrick platform, a true hybrid DWH, is a great technology that can meet both on-premises and cloud requirements. With this contract, we expect to be able to meet more needs through the collaboration of the engineers of both companies, along with our deep industry and business knowledge and experience."

Yellowbrick continues to deliver on its commitment to give the world’s largest enterprises the most modern data warehouse in the industry. Its own Distributed Data Cloud architecture offers on-demand elastic cloud architecture, eliminates concentration risk and mitigates the often-unforeseen risks from vendor lock-in. We do this through the adoption of open source, open standards compatibility with both traditional on-premises and modern cloud-based ecosystems and by separating data storage from processing to increase deployment options. Enterprises like NI+C that serve the telecommunications, transportation, and banking industries in Japan rely heavily on the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse to power critical business outcomes, facilitate data sharing and replication, and maximize the flexibility of multi-tenant billing.

"Yellowbrick continues to win and serve large companies in financial services, hedge funds, and insurance,” said Allen Holmes, vice president of Business Development & Partner Alliances. “By partnering with NI+C, we not only expand our global footprint, we also further diversify our reach across industries in this key region. Yellowbrick's hybrid cloud approach and NI+C’s enviable reputation as a communications provider represent a powerful combination to meet the needs of local enterprises and help Japanese organizations fully realize the value of their data.”

About Nippon Information and Communication Corporation (NI+C)

NI+C provides computer hardware and software solutions, including management-related solutions for customers in various fields like systems development, products & services, and network services. Focused on large-scale customer database systems, IT infrastructure, and applications, NI+C serves the telecommunications, transportation, retail, and banking industries. The company has a track record of results with demand forecasting in these industries using data analysis, analysis of consumer trends, and the development of business intelligence (BI) solutions. NI+C was founded by NTT and IBM Japan in 1985 and has developed as a systems integrator, taking full advantage of the revolution in information-communication technology.