Hybrid Cloud Architecture:

Stay Fast & Flexible with Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Our hybrid/multi-cloud approach makes other options look slow, inflexible, unpredictable, and expensive by enabling lightning-fast, ad hoc analytics on any private and/or major public cloud, with no hidden cloud fees or lock-in.

Data Warehousing Without Limits

Hybrid cloud architecture enables companies to build a "best-of-breed" cloud that combines on-premises infrastructure with public cloud platforms for the ideal blend of performance, flexibility, and agility. The ideal architecture will also unlock the ability to use multiple public clouds at the same time, and to manage it all in a single consistent way.

Yellowbrick offers the only data warehouse platform natively designed for hybrid cloud architecture, offering a reserved, single tenant, always-on instance type that you consume like any other cloud service from wherever you are. Our authentic hybrid approach unlocks industry-leading performance that only specialized hardware/software can bring, flexibility to do lightning-fast analytics at scale on any private and/or major public cloud, and predictable fixed-cost pricing that avoids the hidden fees for things like data egress, bandwidth, and compute that cloud-only vendors love.

You shouldn’t have to choose between best-in-class performance at scale, multi-cloud flexibility, and the need to keep some workloads on-premises for security or data gravity concerns. With Yellowbrick hybrid cloud architecture, you can have it all!

Hybrid Cloud Resources

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Hybrid Cloud Brief

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Data Warehouse Modernization

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Hybrid Cloud Architecture Diagram
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Key Benefits:

Get 100X Performance Everywhere

Whether you use a private or major public cloud (or both), Yellowbrick’s hybrid approach provides identical performance at scale that blows legacy and cloud-only alternatives away—no matter how many resources they add to the task. With Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse, you never have to wait on data caches to rehydrate database instances.

Unlock Multi-Cloud Flexibility

Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse is a reserved, single-tenant, always-on instance type for end-users in AWS, Azure, or GCP. Just connect to it like any other cloud service; should you ever need to switch clouds, just re-connect to your instance (no egress charges apply) and go. Users residing in different clouds can query a single Yellowbrick instance simultaneously.

Integrate & Migrate Effortlessly

Yellowbrick looks and acts like an industry-standard Postgres RDBMS and integrates with common BI, data science, and ETL tools that speak ANSI SQL. That also makes it easy for users to write queries, as well as for queries to be migrated from similar platforms without modifications.

Leave Hidden Cloud Costs Behind

With Yellowbrick’s hybrid cloud approach, unpredictable and hidden costs for things like data egress, bandwidth, numbers of users, and compute go away, replaced by a fixed-cost annual subscription.

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