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Get started with a test drive or POC and experience unmatched data warehouse performance. As a customer, our partners support you with a seamless production migration, providing the automation and expertise needed to get you on Yellowbrick.

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    Test drive the world’s fastest data warehouse for 7 days using your own tools and test data set. Our test drive includes 2TB of user data, 12x5 support, and is available in any public cloud (AWS, Azure, or GCP).

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    How to get started with Yellowbrick

    7-day test drive

    (if needed)
    User experience and tooling

    15-day POC

    (if needed)
    Performance and operational testing

    30 - 60 day production migration

    Automation and services available through partner ecosystem

    Validate with a fast POC

    Our POC helps you validate that Yellowbrick is the right fit for your use case – and we make it fast and easy. We work closely with you to understand requirements and scope a POC (in the cloud or in your data center). During the POC, we setup the test instance, migrate data, and integrate all applications. Setup is typically done in a day and testing usually completes in just one week.

    POC activities include:

    Loading data from databases, HDFS, or object stores

    Moving your ETL jobs

    Running your SQL queries

    Migrating stored procedures, embedded SQL, and business logic (if needed)

    TEOCO had planned for three weeks of testing. But with the POC completed in just one week, they used the remaining time to explore the limits of Yellowbrick. What TEOCO found was a solution that gave them the ability to run queries that were impossible with their previous vendor, along with a projected savings of $5 million.

    Read our TEOCO case study

    Use your tools out of the box

    Yellowbrick is based on PostgreSQL and natively supports stored procedures, reducing migration timelines and allowing your team to be productive from day one. It works out of the box with the most common industry tools that speak ANSI SQL, such as Tableau, MicroStrategy, SAS, Microsoft Power BI, as well as with Python and R programming languages.

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    Migrate easily with our partner solutions

    Yellowbrick has a broad partner ecosystem to help plan your transition, understand your data flows, and manage cutover. Our partners offer purpose-built tools and consulting services to migrate to Yellowbrick from any platform.

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    Migration resources

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    Migration guide: Teradata to Yellowbrick Hybrid Data Warehouse
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    Migrating from Netezza to Yellowbrick Is Fast and Painless
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    Next Pathway solution brief
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