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SAP IQ End of Life

“We believe Yellowbrick’s data warehouse technology leaps ahead of anything on the market after seeing firsthand what it can do for our analytics.”

--Josh Woods, Citadel Securities

For decades, SAP IQ has enjoyed popularity as a data warehousing platform for many regulated industries, especially the Financial Services Industry (FSI). Like all traditional data warehouse architectures, the SAP IQ solution is aging. The only SAP support will be updates for bug fixes and security modifications. As the SAP IQ end of life draws closer, the platform offers limited performance with rising costs.

More Than an SAP IQ Replacement

Achieve 10-10,000x more speed of data-load and complex query performance response times.

Choose between flexible deployment models: cloud-native, on-premises, and hybrid.

Generate more value from analytics and scale to increasing data volumes, numbers of users, and system capacity.

Get superior total cost-of-ownership and price / performance.

Simplify application development costs, third-party tools integration, DBA management and maintenance.

Modernize Your SAP IQ Solution with Yellowbrick

Many FSI organizations find that their legacy analytic database platform used for analyzing and reporting trades, investments, risk, and compliance is no longer a fit for their growing needs. Companies must manage higher data volumes and velocities, while meeting the challenges of heightening security and regulatory challenges.

While today’s mixed workloads require a high-performance solution and as the number and diversity of workloads increase it is critical for FSIs to specify, control, and automate the work that matters most.

“We believe Yellowbrick’s data warehouse technology leaps ahead of anything on the market after seeing firsthand what it can do for our analytics. We’re thrilled to invest in what will be the new standard in data warehousing and analytics"

said Josh Woods, head of options, ETF, CES, and research technology for Citadel Securities.

Yellowbrick’s modern cloud data warehouse reduces query time to seconds, accelerates time to value and insight, and reduces costs through a predictable subscription model. By delivering high performance on massive volumes of live data with the fastest and most efficient execution necessary, organizations can make critical, better informed business decisions.

Featured Whitepaper:

Replacing SAP IQ – Why Yellowbrick?

Yellowbrick: the Next Best Step for SAP IQ End of Life

Legacy platforms cannot meet your specialized needs. As SAP support ends, the next logical step is to migrate your data rather than investing in aging solutions or SAP IQ replacements.

Many SAP IQ customers are seeking the simplest and most cost effective and scalable analytics database platform that can be quickly deployed and substituted for the SAP IQ solution (cloud or on-premises). With Yellowbrick, your investment is future proofed.

To achieve success, FSIs needs all tools and technologies to work in concert. This is Yellowbrick’s strength—software and hardware and integration with customers’ computing environments, designed from the ground-up to work together with maximum performance and scalability and ease-of-integration with minimal initial effort or ongoing maintenance.

Yellowbrick is designed to deliver high performance to the mixed workloads that modern enterprises require.

Yellowbrick’s deployment and migration journey to the cloud, or on-premises, or a hybrid of the two, is fast and simple. A modern, open, and elastic data warehouse, Yellowbrick runs consistently across the cloud and on-premises with predictable and controllable costs.

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Load Data in Parallel from Multiple Files

Reduce the complexity of data loading operations with bulk loading capability and in-database transformations (ELT).

Data Availability in Minutes, Not Hours

Yellowbrick can rapidly access trillions of rows for analysis with data loading in minutes versus hours. Queries run in seconds, not minutes.

Reduce Cost Overruns

Reduce total cost of ownership with additional savings from predictable and the lowest possible costs. Remove the risk of cost overruns associated with other data warehouses.

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