Economics of Yellowbrick Data Warehouse

Designed to enable insights from enterprise data across multiple lines of business in conjunction with business intelligence, data science, and data visualization tools, data warehouses can create value from data at a scale that would otherwise be impossible. But the wrong choice can also lead to long-term costs and lock-in that are toxic to TCO and ROI.

Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is designed to keep you out of those traps in a highly targeted way, with some key customer values in mind.

Industry-leading price/performance

Legacy data warehouse platforms are too expensive to buy and to own. Similarly, public cloud-only options like Snowflake become unpredictably expensive as users, data, or utilization increase.

Instead, we believe that an excellent price/performance ratio is the most important factor in customer success. Leading the industry on that value is our top priority, with customers reporting 100X improvements and beyond at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

In a 2020 study, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), an independent market research company, found that customers reported significant savings after migration to Yellowbrick. Customer experiences include:

  • Melco Resorts & Entertainment, one of the largest hospitality companies in Asia ($5B in annual revenue), saved $1 million in its first 6 months by more deeply understanding trends in its business.
  • One customer in the retail analytics space saved $1 million per year by moving workloads from Amazon Redshift and other platforms to Yellowbrick.
  • One of the biggest mobile operators in Latin America safeguarded millions of at-risk dollars due to slow revenue assurance from SIM card resellers by making the process near real-time with Yellowbrick.

“Yellowbrick was designed to minimize complexity. This results in significant savings and benefits, including faster time to value and improved operational efficiency.”
Enterprise Strategy Group

Best cloud-first economics

Yellowbrick can be deployed in private clouds, public clouds, at the edge, and all the above (aka across distributed clouds), and on physical and virtualized infrastructure. That flexibility enables a gradual, lowrisk migration to the public cloud of choice or even to multiple clouds, including:

  • Smooth transitions from CAPEX to OPEX
  • Access to hybrid architectures, such as a DR approach that enables 100% utilization of your onpremises instance while paying for a DR instance only when used
  • Ability to de-risk cloud adoption, as data can be replicated to the cloud as a subscription (not migration) event and accessed from AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, with no data egress charges

Furthermore, Yellowbrick support for industry standards ensures compatibility with existing tools, makes migrations easy, and lets you avoids proprietary interfaces that stifle future innovation.

Predictable pricing

With Yellowbrick, everything is included as part of a fixed-rate subscription (three service plans are available), and there are never extra charges for users, data egress, bandwidth, or any other hidden line items. The more queries you run, the lower the cost per query.

Simpler management

Operational management is one of the biggest long-term costs in data warehousing. For legacy platforms particularly, it's always necessary to employ teams of technical specialists for performance optimization just to keep those platforms viable.

In contrast, Yellowbrick Data Warehouse was designed to drastically reduce those costs by offering peak performance out of the box, with many management tasks either abstracted away or unnecessary.