Case Study:

Hospitality and Casino

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Yellowbrick Data Warehouse Supports Enterprises's Leap into 'Customer 360' and Digital Transformation

One of the world’s largest casinos and integrated resort operators adopted a Customer 360 initiative. Customer 360 platforms aggregate data from multiple customer touchpoints to yield a treasure trove of valuable insights.

This new data would enable the customer to tailor marketing initiatives that build loyalty and trust and to increase company revenues and profitability.


  • Unacceptable performance when concurrent users tried to access the same dataset.
  • Performance and analytics were inadequate for Customer 360 project.
  • Data loads were slow and subject to manual input, and massive data growth impacted performance and scalability.

Explosion of Mobile Data Drives Need for Faster Insights

For all its advantages, the Customer 360 platform depends on a high-performance infrastructure that efficiently maintains growing data and delivers advanced analytics. In addition to Customer 360, the company needed daily analytics on thousands of business operations from all over the world.

The immediate chokepoint was the customer’s legacy SQL Server data warehouse and Hadoop. The system was too slow to sustain concurrent Tableau and SAS users, and the more data the system ingested, the slower it got. Basic analytics could not support sophisticated queries on large data sets.

Data loads were also a major issue because of the lack of integration. Data sources that could use SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) were automated, but many hundreds of sources were forced to use manual input.

The customer did not want to retire Hadoop and its massive data stores, but they needed a way to overcome the existing system challenges and the increased requirements of the Customer 360 initiative.

Yellowbrick Data Warehouse for the Win

After reviewing several providers, the customer chose the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse. Its ability to transform their digital environment into a highperformance analytics powerhouse, while also complementing hadoop and existing applications drove its selection.

The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse provided:

  • Concurrent user support. Smoothly supports 50-100 concurrent users working with the same dataset. Loading complex dashboards and customer-level analytical data structures take a few seconds instead of several minutes. The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse provides additional headroom to add more concurrent users and easily scales with data scientists and business user growth.
  • Interoperability. Yellowbrick Data Warehouse integrates seamlessly with Hadoop and many other business-critical applications. The integration process was straightforward and functional. Yellowbrick Data is also an official partner of Tableau and SAS.
  • Data loading. Transformed data loading, reduced the time to integrate data from multiple sources by leveraging Yellowbrick Data’s bulk loading capabilities.
  • High performance. Dramatically accelerated performance for business workloads, yielding a 700x improvement in query performance.

And because Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is built for flexibility, the customer can adopt additional analytics like diagnosis and dynamic segmentation, customer lifecycle modeling, in-trip interventions, marketing programming, and rewards optimization.

Looking to the Future

The customer is growing its Yellowbrick infrastructure, implementing a business continuity strategy with realtime data replication, and formally separating development and production.


Deployed Yellowbrick Data Warehouse for high performance, massive data scalability, and advanced analytics. Solution smoothly integrated with Hadoop and existing business-critical applications.


Increased cost efficiency and increased customer awareness resulting in Increased earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) due to the successful integration of the customer 360 initiative. Boosted casino and hotel efficiency via new machine data sources.

Business Benefits:

  • Created robust infrastructure for Customer 360
  • Protected investments by integrating with Tableau, SAS/Python, Hadoop

Technical Benefits

  • Fast data loading from thousands of remote data sources
  • 700x faster queries over the legacy SQL Server data warehouse