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Automated migration from SQL Server to Yellowbrick with Nexus Server

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Replace SQL Server with Yellowbrick for 100X performance at a fraction of the cost

Replacing SQL Server databases with Yellowbrick Data Warehouse brings the power of interactive, ad hoc analytics to thousands of users, simplifies operations, and reduces costs.

  • Analyze Data 100X Faster: Designed for highly optimized MPP analytics, Yellowbrick enables real-time, ad-hoc queries for thousands of users, far beyond what SQL Server can achieve.

  • Consolidate disparate databases: Yellowbrick Data Warehouse can scale from single TBs to multiple PBs, offering a way to combine multiple SQL Server databases into a single, easy-to manage instance. Or, easily replicate data from SQL Server to Yellowbrick for Change Data Capture scenarios.

  • Simplify management: With Yellowbrick, unlike SQL Server, there’s no need for manual time-consuming tasks like query tuning or building indexes. PostgreSQL compatibility ensures access to common skill sets.

  • Count on rock-solid reliability: Yellowbrickʼs Advanced Workload Management offers granular control of workloads to prioritize concurrent queries across massive amounts of data, bringing added reliability and performance.

  • Grow along with the business: Yellowbrick instances can be expanded easily without downtime, eliminating any impact on operations.

  • Fit into the Windows world: Yellowbrick integrates with Microsoft Active Directory, and for cloud deployments, functions as a Private Link Service in Azure. Plus, Power BI and a full range of other enterprise ecosystem tools are supported