Achieving Power from Simplicity

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Power From Simplicity, Performance Without Tuning

Yellowbrick Data aims to make analytics and data warehousing simple. Replacing overgrown antiquated systems with a turn-key appliance that uses only 12 inches of rack space, the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse eliminates tasks that consume hours of IT and DBA staff time, all while improving service levels and the quality of insight to business users.

Enterprise-Grade Without Compromises

The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse offers a fully featured enterprise-grade database. It is not NoSQL, it isn’t “eventually consistent,” and it does not have the restrictions traditional data warehouses have. Some data warehouses run single types of workloads well, but they cannot handle mixed workloads. Others can ingest bulk data but not real-time inserts or do not implement fully ACID transactions. The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse was developed without compromises.

Key Highlights:

  • Run mixed analytical workloads all the time
  • Eliminate time-consuming job scheduling, tuning and maintenance tasks
  • Expand the system by adding capacity and compute without downtime
  • Replace racks of hardware with a turn-key appliance
  • Rest easy with remote monitoring and 24x7 support

With Yellowbrick, enterprises can:

  • Run mixed workloads, all the time: Run ad-hoc queries with large batch queries, business reports with ETL processes, bulk loads with ODBC inserts, or all of these at the same time.
  • Change workload priority and mix, on the fly: Slow jobs no longer result in a fire drill. Administrators can re-prioritize running workloads at any time and configure alerts to let you know when unexpected things are happening.
  • Stop scheduling DBA jobs: The Yellowbrick Database eliminates the need for DBAs to spend hours tuning, optimizing statistics and scheduling queries. Say goodbye to analyzing tables and vacuuming storage.
  • Spend less time tuning: Data indexing is automatic. The core engine is so fast it plows through data at unprecedented rates. Ad-hoc workloads on the Yellowbrick Database run faster than heavily tuned, indexed queries on other databases.
  • Shrink the footprint: Forget fork-lifting racks. The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is a small appliance that simply plugs in and works, dramatically reducing floor space, power, and cooling costs. And less hardware to manage means reduced failure rates and lower management overhead.
“In our testing of Yellowbrick, we compared the performance of a six rack system to the 11" baseline Yellowbrick system. And performance was anywhere from 3 to 50 to 100 times faster.”

- SaaS Analytics Provider

Simple to Deploy, Maintain, and Expand

The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse turnkey design and standard services get customers up and running quickly to ensure continuous operations without worry. Features and services include:

  • Same-day Deployment: It’s common to have a Yellowbrick Data Warehouse up and running in a couple of hours, with standard reporting, BI and data mining, and ETL tools running against the system later the same day.
  • Seamless Migration and Ecosystem Integration: The Yellowbrick Database uses standard SQL compatible with the PostgreSQL dialect. ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET connectors enable it to integrate seamlessly with existing applications and tools.
  • Increased Uptime: The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is highly-available. There is no single point of failure in the system, and modern technologies such as erasure coding provide higher guarantees against data loss than existing data warehouses.
  • Expansion Without Downtime: Increase capacity and performance by simply inserting more Analytic Blades into the system. Data is redistributed in the background, and the new capacity is instantly available.
  • Graphical Management: Administrators can view comprehensive system information through the Yellowbrick Management Console, scriptable command line tools and systems tables. This information can be consumed by existing IT systems management and APM software through standard protocols.
  • Remote Monitoring: Yellowbrick Customer Support provides advanced 24x7 predictive monitoring services that proactively find and identify problems.
  • Committed To Your Success: Should anything go wrong, Yellowbrick Data handles it. Our online Yellowbrick Customer Center and live Customer Success team are available 24x7 to answer questions and, in the unlikely event that a component fails, Yellowbrick Data ensures it is promptly replaced.

With Yellowbrick, enterprises can finally achieve the complete, accurate, and timely insight they need to improve business without managing a complex system that takes up racks of hardware and continual tuning and maintenance.