Data Lake Augmentation

Hating on Hadoop? Get 100X Performance Without the Headaches

Get value from your Apache Hadoop-based data lake like never before

Enterprises have invested heavily in Apache Hadoop-based data lakes yet are often frustrated by the inability to get timely data-driven insights out of them. Although data lakes are useful as low-cost storage for structured and unstructured data, they don’t meet demands for large-scale, real-time analytics, including support for concurrent BI users in great numbers, sophisticated ad hoc queries, or data-intensive reports.

Instead, Yellowbrick augments the data lake with a modern, real-time enterprise analytics environment that is purpose-built for enabling analysts and data scientists to answer the hardest questions, accurately and within SLA windows, using their favorite tools.

Only Yellowbrick lets you:

High-Value Data

Get value from all your data, immediately

Yellowbrick lets you immediately query data in multiple formats, ingested from any data lake source at industry-leading volumes in bulk or as a stream. And it works seamlessly with common data integration tools such as Informatica, Talend, and Denodo.

Lightning Fast Queries

Enable thousands of analysts to run queries at lightning speed

Yellowbrick delivers unparalleled predictable performance (in milliseconds) — with orders of magnitude more speed than alternatives — for even the most complex SQL, all while servicing up to thousands of concurrent users.

Use Existing Analytics Tools

Use investments in familiar data analytics tools

Yellowbrick works seamlessly with leading reporting, BI, and data science tools, including Tableau, SAS, Microsoft Power BI, MicroStrategy, Python, R, and more, supporting the use of existing applications.

Hybrid Cloud Flexibility

Ensure flexibility through support for hybrid and multi-cloud

Unlike purely on-premises or cloud-native options, Yellowbrick lets you natively run mixed workloads wherever it makes the most economical sense: in on-premises data centers, private clouds, or any major public cloud platform.

“Our Yellowbrick system has made our analytics team a lot more productive. These are power users doing deep and complex analytics—using tools like SAS, R, and Python to query three years of point-of-sale data.”

– Aaron Augustine, Executive Director, Data Science, Catalina Marketing

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Driving Value From Your Data Lake

Enterprises are struggling with massive data stores that are difficult to data mine. Learn how the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse can help you leverage your existing investment and fulfill the promise of your data lake.

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