Data warehouse modernization

Get price/performance, flexibility, and simplicity that IBM, Teradata, and Oracle can't match.

What is data warehouse modernization?

Data warehouse modernization helps businesses adapt to the modern business environment and enables businesses to meet strategic goals using data in an ever-changing data landscape. With the agility and flexibility of data warehouse modernization, users can quickly meet business requirements to stay competitive.

  • A data warehouse can quickly become obsolete if it is not capable of supporting new data inputs. Modernizing your data warehouse in part means that your warehouse is constantly adding new data inputs as your company seeks new data source opportunities.
  • Data is the lifeblood of a modern business. Without having the infrastructure in place to move with the data, it becomes difficult to create new business to stay compatible with market changes. Enable data warehouse modernization within your organization and take advantage of the continuously transforming data environment.

Data Warehouse Models

  • Are there different data warehouse models?
    • There are several different types of data warehouse models, including virtual warehouse, data mart, enterprise data warehouse, and an operational data store
    • Virtual warehouse: a group of computer servers dedicated to carrying out queries by users, supporting various data warehouse needs
    • Enterprise data warehouse: supports large amounts of historical data over an extended period of time, including a wide variety of data collections and sources
    • Data mart: a focused stream or collection of data that is less than 100 terabytes, sometimes referred to as a subsidiary of a data warehouse
    • Operational data store: supports data in real-time for operational use cases and is usually reported within a short period of data, but can be updated multiple times a day as needed
  • What is the kind of model Yellowbrick uses, and why is it better?
    • Yellowbrick provides an innovative data warehousing platform for on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud deployments that eliminates the performance/scale limitations of legacy approaches. And, unlike other data warehouse providers, it’s designed to simplify operations to keep long-term costs under control.

Get answers from more data faster, simplify operations, and deploy anywhere

The status quo approach to data warehousing is out of step with the times: Many enterprises can’t take full advantage of powerful analytic and BI tools and skill sets because their legacy data warehouse is too inflexible, too expensive to scale, and too difficult to manage. And when real-time decisions are needed—those are insights you can’t afford to lose.

Yellowbrick provides an innovative data warehousing platform for on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud deployments that eliminates the performance/scale limitations of legacy approaches. And, it’s designed to simplify operations to keep long-term costs under control.

Only Yellowbrick lets you:

Lightning Fast Queries

Enable thousands of analysts to run queries at lightning speed

Yellowbrick delivers unparalleled predictable performance on petabytes of data — with orders of magnitude more speed than alternative resources — for even the most complex and mixed SQL workloads, all while servicing thousands of concurrent users.

Streamline Data Warehouse

Simplify and streamline data operations

With Yellowbrick, there’s no need for mundane, time-consuming tasks like query tuning and building indexes, and management is done through a clean and simple UI — saving precious time for higher-value data operations and analytics.

Familiar Analytics Tools

Use existing investments in familiar tools

Yellowbrick works seamlessly with leading data movement (including Informatica, SyncSort, Talend, and Kafka) and BI (including Tableau, SAS, Microsoft Power BI, MicroStrategy, Python, and R) tools.

Hybrid Cloud Flexibility

Ensure flexibility through support for hybrid and multi-cloud

Unlike purely on-prem or cloud-native options, Yellowbrick lets you natively run mixed workloads wherever it makes the most economical sense: in on-prem data centers, private clouds, or any major public cloud platform.

“With the power of Yellowbrick combined with our deep knowledge of the data and proprietary algorithms, we will be able to produce insights that were impossible before.”

– Atul Jain, Chairman & CEO, TEOCO

Data Warehouse Modernization Resources

Data modernization speeds up decision making with more confident results. These resources show how users can take advantage of the analytical prowess and data-processing power of Yellowbrick’s Data Warehouse.

Featured eBook:

Data warehouse modernization for faster, deeper insights

Company survival depends on understanding the market better than the competition and acting more quickly. Being able to quickly process, understand, and make profitable decisions from all your business data is key to being successful.

Data Warehouse Modernization eBook

A modern data warehouse with Yellowbrick

modern data warehouse

An architecture diagram showing how Yellowbrick’s Data Warehouse takes in streaming, change, and batch data sources, operates on containerized hybrid-cloud environments, and allows data scientists, business users, and analysts to process and report the data.

teoco case study

Data warehouse modernization

You can't afford to lose insights when real-time decisions are needed. Our data analytics solution eliminates trade-offs between performance and scale, yet keeps long-term costs under control.

Data Warehouse Modernization Exec Brief

Data warehousing without limits

Legacy and cloud-only platforms have extensive limitations. Learn how Yellowbrick is unmatched when it comes to price/performance, flexibility, and TCO.

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Key benefits of a modern hybrid cloud data warehouse

Organizations need a flexible architecture to solve their current analytics problems and the scale to meet future demands. In this webinar, we will highlight the key benefits that a modern hybrid cloud data warehouse provides.

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