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Bring blazing-fast analytics to private clouds, public clouds, and the network edge

What is a distributed cloud?

A distributed cloud is a mesh of interconnected resources (private data centers, public clouds, and edge networks) that are managed in a consistent, unified way. With most enterprise data soon to be originating outside of data centers, data is becoming more distributed. At the same time, companies in regulated industries are increasingly forced to keep data on-premises and/or in specific geographies. These trends are forcing data warehouses to evolve by bringing processing to the data.

To meet that emerging need, Yellowbrick lets you provision data warehouses wherever needed—in private data centers, multiple public clouds, and the network edge—with its adaptive architecture ensuring blazing-fast performance on any infrastructure, whether physical or virtual. Yellowbrick Manager lets you manage all your data warehouses, wherever deployed, bringing analytics to the data instead of data to the analytics.

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Why Yellowbrick for distributed clouds

Superb economics for every requirement

Some applications involve a single data center, while others, such as IoT analytics for network telemetry, extend all the way to the edge and back. Yellowbrick’s unique adaptive architecture brings excellent price/performance economics to them all, whether on bare metal or virtualized infrastructure.

Compliance along with flexibility

Companies in regulated industries like insurance, banking, and healthcare can run workloads in private data centers for compliance purposes, while keeping cloud pathways open for other datasets that don’t contain PII.

Future-proof architecture for IoT analytics

Telecom, manufacturing, O&G, and logistics companies can standardize on a future-proof architecture that includes data services, security, and management and monitoring for emerging IoT analytics use cases, with no platform or cloud lock-in.

Single, unified management

Yellowbrick Manager lets you easily control instances, databases, and users across every deployment with a single management experience. Plus, you can run queries and explore data from your browser (or, bring your own tools).

Always-on availability

Companies with SaaS products can build fault-tolerant, highly available services by combining private cloud and public cloud infrastructure for business applications like cloud disaster recovery.

Yellowbrick in Distributed Clouds

Yellowbrick’s Kubernetes-based, cloud-agnostic architecture brings data warehousing to distributed clouds for the first time

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