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Yellowbrick for Federal Systems

The world’s fastest data warehouse for hybrid and multi-cloud environments gives Federal customers the industry-leading, real-time performance and scalability they need for mission-critical applications.

All of Yellowbrick Data, Inc. products meet the requirements of the Trade Agreements Act and are approved to be acquired by the United States Government for use.

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Clarity Innovations Cuts Query Latency from an Hour to Milliseconds

Clarity Innovations provides analytic software the US Intelligence Community (IC) uses to support missions to keep the nation safe. Wes Daniels, Clarity Innovation’s COO notes: “In a business sense, time is money, but in a DoD sense sometimes time is lives. Having the ability to load data faster, and query data faster is very important in our line of work.”

Technical Brief:
Yellowbrick & Netflow

Automating risk detection, using predictive analytics to measure the risk of real-time activity against aggregated historical patterns

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Technical Brief:
Yellowbrick Versus Apache Impala

Learn about the architectural differences between Yellowbrick and Apache Impala and why they matter

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When Dealing with National Security, Even Milliseconds Matter

National security challenges require real-time decisions. The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is the first data warehouse that can ingest massive data volumes in real time, make that data instantly queryable, and provide context from petabytes of historical data. Unlike Netezza and Teradata, it’s available as a complete and amazingly compact physical engineered system (as well as a cloud service) that doesn’t require complex projects and planning to deploy, and it’s designed to be largely self-managing -- there are no indexes or partitions to manually create.

For example, Yellowbrick offers a simple solution to the massive scale and latency requirements associated with production-level Netflow analysis. Utilizing a specialized system engineered for breakthrough performance,Yellowbrick can ingest Netflow and other data sets at line rate while still serving queries and other application needs.

Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is FedRAMP-ready (in addition to HIPAA and SOC checkboxes) and supports FIPS 140-2 compliant AES-256 encryption and fast erase so you can safely deploy it wherever required. Installation is easy and accomplished within hours, so you can be up and running meaningful analytics within a day, with no manual data preparation required -- just load and go. An experienced team of analytics consultants specializing in Federal customers are at the ready if and when you need them.

Customer Story:

Clarity Innovations

Clarity Innovations provides analytic software the US Intelligence Community uses to support missions to keep the nation safe. As customer datasets grew to petabytes, Clarity Innovations found that its traditional disk-based solution could no longer return data as fast as its customers required--until Yellowbrick transformed its business with lightning-fast queries on top of PBs of data.

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From 60 Minutes to Milliseconds

Queries that took nearly an hour to run now complete in milliseconds.

Billions of Rows Instantly Queryable

Clarity’s customers can now ingest massive amounts of data and give end-users instant access to it for analysis.

From Racks to a Single Instance

Customers can replace entire racks of hardware with a single Yellowbrick instance, saving millions in the process.

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