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Yellowbrick for Financial Services

The world’s fastest data warehouse for hybrid and multi-cloud environments gives financial services companies (banks, hedge funds, payment processors, et al) a sharpened competitive edge with real-time speed, petabyte scale, and industry-leading deployment flexibility

Financial Services Industry Solutions

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In Financial Services, Investing in Aging Solutions Won't Solve New Problems

The financial services industry is undergoing a digital transformation as consumers and even businesses demand a fully integrated customer experience across all channels, from social media and other digital channels to in-person conversations. At the same time, consumers are more educated and empowered to shop around for financial services, requiring financial services companies to put more effort into marketing and maintaining relationships. They need to understand the customer journey in greater detail and be able to instantly act upon it. As a result, financial companies are using more sophisticated data, analytics, and marketing to find, retain, and grow customer relationships and business opportunities.

For financial services organizations, aging legacy platforms like IBM Netezza and Teradata (and even Apache Hadoop) don't offer the price/performance and flexibility to fulfill that vision, while the cloud-only data warehouse companies, like Snowflake fail to deliver the predictable performance at scale for enterprise requirements. Instead, the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse delivers 100X performance at enterprise scale whether in a data center or through a major public cloud, while avoiding the risks and unpredictable costs of cloud-only options.

Customer Story:

Top 10 Financial Services Company

This multinational financial services corporation captures millions of transactions daily, and Yellowbrick helps it analyze PBs of that data across partner and co-branding programs, merchant services, reward-points programs, and more. Thousands of analysts require immediate access to this data via ad-hoc, interactive queries as well as pre-built reports.

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100X Faster Time-to-Insight

Not only are some queries 100X faster than before with Netezza, but analysts can now run queries that were previously impossible.

Data Availability in Minutes, Not Hours

Some data loads that took 7-10 hours now complete in under 20 minutes, using existing ETL tools.

Slashed Data Center Expenses

The company replaced entire racks of Netezza with a Yellowbrick instance, dramatically reducing rack-space and power & cooling requirements.

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