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Yellowbrick for Healthcare & Life Sciences

The world’s only modern data warehouse for hybrid and multi-cloud environments gives healthcare providers and pharma and biotech companies the price/performance, agility, and flexibility they need to improve care and financial outcomes in the face of massive data challenges

In Life Sciences, the Same Old Options Are No Cure

Even in ordinary times, the healthcare industry has to contend what might be the most complicated data problems in the world, including unparalleled data volumes, disparate and heterogeneous data sources, lagging digital transformation, and immense pressure to deliver faster, more accurate results—all for what are often life-or-death goals. Data-driven use cases include:

  • Drug discovery and medical device R&D
  • Electronic medical records analysis
  • Care delivery optimization
  • Precision medicine
  • Diagnostic & predictive analytics

The analytics challenges involved above — such as ad hoc analytics on huge quantities of rapidly changing clinical data — press infrastructure to its limits. Furthermore, the ongoing pandemic is causing priorities to constantly shift, which makes agility, flexibility, and sound economics even more critical. And for the organizations that rely on web apps or provide data services in this industry, Tier 1 availability is a top priority.

For these situations, Yellowbrick Data Warehouse offers breakthrough price/performance at scale and flexibility (with HIPAA compliance) that neither legacy platforms (e.g., IBM Netezza, Teradata, Microsoft SQL Server) nor cloud-only options (e.g., Snowflake) can match.

Yellowbrick Brings:

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Speed-of-Thought Performance

Makes lightning-fast complex analytics over very large structured analytic datasets possible — including real-time ingestion from new data sources (e.g. new test results)

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Concurrency for 1000s of Users

Enables entire research teams pursuing multiple lines of inquiry to work on the same dataset with no loss of performance

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Unified Hybrid Architecture

Lets researchers work on-premises, in a major public cloud, or both — allowing for access to shared resources like medical libraries, as well as to HIPAA-regulated data with no risk of disclosure

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Extreme scalability

Supports bulk loading and real-time ingestion of massive data volumes along with ability to query new as well as historical data immediately

For example, for one company in the electronic medical records area that processes billions of complex medical records per day, a legacy Netezza data warehouse had reached the end of its viability. For one of that company’s workloads, Yellowbrick delivers 100X performance over Netezza, reducing processing time from weeks to hours. The company was able to make a successful transition to cloud-based analytics, as well.

Customer Story:

Top 3 Global Insurance Company

One of the biggest insurance companies in the world selected Yellowbrick over Greenplum and others to help it hit IFRS 17 compliance targets, enabling complex and high-performance analytics on billions of rows of data, full data consistency, and 24/7 availability.

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Top 3 Global Insurance Company logo
Comprehensive Policy Analysis from Days to Hours

A full-cost analysis of all policies across multiple lines of business that took 2 days now takes less than 2 hours with Yellowbrick.

More Accurate Underwriting Across Multiple Months

Insurance underwriting analysis is now more accurate for hundreds of concurrent users because much more historical data can be processed than previously.

Compliance Goals Hit Ahead of Schedule

The company will be the first insurer in its country running IFRS 17-compliant systems.