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Yellowbrick for Insurance Companies

The world’s fastest data warehouse for hybrid and multi-cloud environments gives insurers and re-insurers a sharpened competitive edge with real-time speed, petabyte scale, and industry-leading deployment flexibility.

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100X Data Analytics Performance for Faster, Richer Results from Financial Data

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Top 3 Insurance Company

A Top 3 Global Insurance Company Turns to Yellowbrick to Speed Up Claims Processing and Compliance

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In Insurance, Choosing the Wrong Data Warehouse Platform is a Big Risk

Consider a few of the most critical types of analysis insurance companies need to run: Exposure. Risk/loss. Modeled losses. Portfolio rollups. EP curves. Policy limit aggregation. These companies need be able to do these analyses and others quickly and accurately, using detailed data that covers long time periods. Doing so enables revenue growth, improved efficiency, easier compliance, and more-competitive offerings. But even after investing considerable resources and time in data warehouse systems (and possibly Apache Hadoop as well), many insurance companies find themselves behind where they want to be, and they risk falling farther behind.

The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is ideal for addressing the data analysis complexities and speed the insurance industry requires. It allows organizations to build a real-time, standards-based analytics platform that leverages existing tools, models, and investments in the cloud or on-premises, while providing breakthrough price/performance and flexibility far beyond what legacy platforms like IBM Netezza and Teradata, or cloud-only options like Snowflake, can provide. The result? Workloads that complete sub-seconds instead of minutes, and that includes years of historical data instead of just months. That's a huge business advantage.

Customer Story:

Top 3 Global Insurance Company

One of the biggest insurance companies in the world selected Yellowbrick over Greenplum and others to help it hit IFRS 17 compliance targets, enabling complex and high-performance analytics on billions of rows of data, full data consistency, and 24/7 availability.

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Comprehensive Policy Analysis from Days to Hours

A full-cost analysis of all policies across multiple lines of business that took 2 days now takes less than 2 hours with Yellowbrick.

More Accurate Underwriting Across Multiple Months

Insurance underwriting analysis is now more accurate for hundreds of concurrent users because much more historical data can be processed than previously.

Compliance Goals Hit Ahead of Schedule

The company will be the first insurer in its country running IFRS 17-compliant systems.