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Save time, money, and headaches:
Replace SQL Server Sprawl with Yellowbrick



Yellowbrick dramatically shortens time-to-insight over SQL Server data marts, with some customers reporting 100X improvement and beyond.



With Yellowbrick, whether your data scale is in single terabytes or multiple petabytes, performance and concurrency are consistently excellent.


in savings

Upgrading from SQL Server to Yellowbrick can save millions in licensing and operating costs. Why do anything else?

Don’t let managing SQL Server silos drag you down

Sometimes less is more. It’s hard to deliver on world-class performance, reduce costs, decrease maintenance requirements, meet SLAs, and reduce security risks when too many moving parts--like dozens, scores, or even hundreds of Microsoft SQL Server databases—are involved, with each of them requiring significant maintenance, management, and resources.

Get started easily with Yellowbrick

Our Standard Service Plan offers industry-leading price/performance and the ultimate in deployment flexibility for $10K/month. This plan is ideal for SQL Server replacement and other use cases such as new data warehouse initiatives, departmental data marts, and dev/test.

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Yellowbrick vs. SQL Server
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Migration partners

Move your data away from SQL Server easily and quickly with Yellowbrick’s best of breed partners. Our partners help you plan your transition, understand your data flows, and manage your cutover to the Yellowbrick platform.

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