Take Yellowbrick for a Test Drive

Try Yellowbrick Data Warehouse, including new Yellowbrick Manager features for developers and analysts, at no charge for 7 days. Currently available on AWS EKS; Azure and Google Cloud availability coming soon.

  • Create and manage databases and users on a single-node instance
  • Easily load your own data (without PII) or use sample data and queries; limit of 60TB combined
  • Create and run queries in your browser using a rich SQL editor, or bring your own tools
  • Includes 12x5 support
  • For dev/test workloads only

*Fine print:

  • Not for use in production or with data containing PII
  • Limited availability, resource constraints may apply
  • No backups provided and we take no responsibility for loss or corruption of data
  • Not available to users with personal or competitor email accounts. We reserve the right to deny a test drive request, or to terminate an existing test drive, for any reason.

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Yellowbrick can power your business

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