Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse

Unmatched analytics price/performance for the enterprise

ESG Report: Yellowbrick delivers improved and predictable performance and cost with improved operational simplicity and deployment.

Best economics

Yellowbrick offers the best price/performance ratio you can get in a data warehouse, speeding time to insight while slashing costs.​​

  • 100X performance at 1/5th the price​
  • 1000s of concurrent users​
  • Adaptive architecture ensures best performance everywhere

Easy to adopt and manage

Yellowbrick works with all your existing tools, and migrations are fast and easy from any legacy platform.

  • ANSI SQL and PostgreSQL compatible
  • Most migrations complete in weeks
  • Simple, unified management across all deployments

Predictable pricing

You shouldn’t need an advanced math degree to predict the balance due on your next bill. We make life simpler for your CFO!​

  • Fixed-rate subscriptions for any deployment
  • Standard, Enterprise, and Enterprise+ service plans
  • No hidden fees or quotas, ever
  • “We are confident that Yellowbrick’s ability to quickly analyze large amounts of data and offer new insights will help us deliver on our goals.”
    — Ian Smith, CEO, BMW Group Financial Services North America

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Get started with Yellowbrick

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Learn how to easily and securely analyze billions of rows of data, with sub-second query response. Join our monthly demos with experts who share Yellowbrick features and answer your questions live.

You’ll learn how Yellowbrick enables:

  • Real-time analytics
  • Data lake analytics
  • Data warehouse modernization
  • Analytics across distributed data clouds